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a huge fan of his music until college

Le 18 February 2016, 09:30 dans Humeurs 0



Well, today I'm sharing one of my on-the-go winter looks and can I just say the weather has been brutal. This look is about Fashion that has not been as important as survival. Clothing for extreme cold conditions like today is the best time to keep warm in extreme cold temperatures by just simply wearing a thick pants like this, warm coat and shirt. I love the thickness of this item from newchic and the leather details are just so perfect for a basic winter look.

So if you want 10% off your next order at BornPretty, just use the code prom dresses online during checkout.

David Bowie's passing made me one sad little nugget. Though I didn't become a huge fan of his music until college, he's been my favorite musical artist since as I listen to him daily. I'm one who is always plugged in to tunes, digging and unearthing new, off-beat artists, as well as relying on the well-known classics.


Bowie has managed his way into every single one of my playlists, and I've always admired his creation of so many eclectic personalities, creative songs, and unyielding ability to be himself no matter what. 

we were responsible for all design there

Le 27 January 2016, 09:40 dans Humeurs 0



I seldom share with you outfits with flat shoes, but they are also in my closet :) In winter, my favorites are long comfortable boots that fit perfectly into dresses, skirts and black tights. Today I have for you a girly set with a white lace shirt from a short burgundy skirt.

Beautiful rooms where you sit in a large greenhouse! The food is also really good and everything has a very upscale prom dresses online.

A great "food market" with 100+ various food stalls with fantastic food. Try Lobster rolls! Do not forget to check out their website for opening times as it varies a little bit.

This is the restaurant we worked on a lot when I lived in New York when we were responsible for all design there. The food is all the same to die for, do not miss the sweet & sour prawns and sliders with truffle fries! Also a good place for a bit of celebrity spotting.


So cozy typical "West Village restaurant" that were involved in including "Friends" and "No Reservations." They are known for their burgers I have unfortunately not tested but should be delicious. Make sure to book a table or be in time only because they have very few tables, and it is very popular! 

A great weekend on the slopes in Tahoe

Le 22 January 2016, 07:57 dans Humeurs 0



I have not been skiing in over 10 years, but this 3-day weekend saw me heading up to Tahoe to hit the slopes. And that meant I had to acquire a new snow wardrobe fast! I immediately invested in a waterproof and cozy parka from TopShop Ski, and waterproof snow pants from North Face. I also made sure to get thermal underwear to stay warm, and sturdy snow boots.

We spent a rainy Saturday at Homewood and a very windy Sunday at prom dresses online. The weather didn’t cooperate, and it took me a few runs to get my snow legs back, but I ended up having a great weekend on the slopes in Tahoe!

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Announcing the new India Hicks Spring 2016 collection! (including a few stunning transitional pieces) Please let me know what you would love to have for yourself or to gift someone special. Valentines Day is coming soon! 

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